Amazon E-Commerce

If your company currently generates profits but wants to launch more goods and grow or are searching for a market opportunity, recruiting a VA should be your top priority. Thus VA optimises profitability practises, monitors trends and manages and reports analyses, providing the brand with a competitive advantage, inspiring growth and maintaining the core account of the Amazon Seller safe Focusing on growth-centered tasks.

  • Generating and optimization of listing
  • Sourcing and product research
  • Shipment & Logistics
  • Shipment & Logistics
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Advertising & Publicity (PPC)
  • Approvals for indexing and ranking
  • Brand Registry

What is Virtual Assistant?

The term “virtual assistant” is very self-explaining by itself. In short, a virtual assistant is a home helper. However, their skill is not to catch you tea, coffee or boring activities. Much than a virtual assistant, let’s look at how to do it.

Most importantly, virtual assistants (more widely referred to as VAs) talk to you about sales structures, target audiences and consumer outreach before targeting your product. You are also responsible for sourcing your goods at home and abroad (mostly through Ali Baba), whereby your first stock is sorted, arranged and handled. They are then used to provide product-specific material such as pictures and descriptions.

The Social Media VA not only organizes organic sales, but also donations to raise viewer numbers in your business. In recent days, working with the “influencers” of social media is often something that virtual helpers can approach after reviewing influencers’ numbers to ensure the relationship is in the best interests of the enterprise. Virtual assistants can also filter responses and arrange comment charts according to reviews on what the business lacks (if any).