Outsource to Dedicated Software Development Teams

End-to-end Technology Solutions.

Autonomous Expert Teams that deliver tech solutions and value

Geniousdev provides all the roles needed to complete the team you require. This is typically composed of a PM, SW engineers, QA engineers, and other roles that are defined for each specific project. Management is conducted jointly by a Scrum Master and the client’s product owner.

All our team members are fully bilingual and have 10+ years of experience in their fields. Our rigorous selection process ensures that we only work with the Top 1% of Tech Talent.

Dedicated Team works autonomously but communicates and provides status reports as often as you request. Using Agile methodologies, the team relies heavily on feedback and discoveries made during testing to shape its design and functions.

With seasoned engineers and the Dedicated Team approach, BairesDev can immediately deliver technology solutions with quickly assembled teams ready to work on your project.

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team is an autonomous group of software engineers, developers, product managers and designers that is assigned exclusively to manage the software development process for an external organization. 

By working with a dedicated development team, you access talent with the precise expertise needed to overcome challenges and meet your projects demands. This model provides a set of skills that your in-house team may lack or work jointly to attain your business goals. They work alongside your company staff to create and maintain software of the highest quality. 

Building a dedicated development team requires the perfect combination of roles, talent, and skill set, together with the right work environment. Only this way will your organization be able to successfully execute on a project.


How do I find a Development Team?

First, you must have a clear understanding of your project goals, needs, costs and resources required. Without knowing exactly what you are trying to achieve, it will make the entire process of finding the right development team even harder.

Then, do your research. 

A software development company is usually the best place to go to when looking for a dedicated team.  It’s important to ask about their hiring process and how they guarantee to work only with highly skilled candidates.  

Their previous success cases, projects delivered and client portfolio are usually a good point of reference. This will give you an idea of the kind of performance to expect and if they can deliver the solutions you need. 

What is a dedicated project
team structure?

When you hire a Delivery Team, you hire the services of an autonomously managed team of engineers that will take care of your project. As such, a Delivery Team needs a complete structure that can tackle the project per your requirements and following your feedback. To do so, these teams usually include key roles that lead the project to successful completion. These include:

• Frontend engineers: Responsible for developing the “visible” part of the project, these professionals are the ones who code and test user interface elements and functionality.

• Backend engineers: These are the experts who take care of everything that happens backstage. In other words, they focus on developing the inner logic and the background components.

• QA engineers: These professionals are in charge of the quality of the entire development lifecycle. They don’t just ensure that the product is as bug-free as possible but also that the processes used to build it have optimal quality

• UX/UI designers: They are responsible for ensuring that the user experience is intuitive, simple, and engaging.

• DevOps engineers: Professionals that work with the developers on the team to better coordinate development, operations, and testing efforts.

• Business analysts: They serve as bridges between the IT team and the business, evaluating processes, determining requirements, and offering suggestions and reports to executives.

• Project managers: The leaders of the development team, they initiate, plan, design, execute, and monitor the entire development process.

At GeniousDev, we personalize our Dedicated Teams to your unique business needs, which means that this structure can look different for your project. Our main goal, however, remains the same: to gather the perfect team to create the digital solution you’re looking for.

Benefits of Dedicated Teams

Start immediately

Teams are quickly spun up and autonomously managed by BairesDev to implement and execute agreed plans.


Access the Top 1% of Tech Talent

Our hiring process is constantly active to ensure us immediate access to the best software engineers in the market. More info about our staffing process can be found here: Top 1% of Tech Talent.


Free up internal key resources

By only using GeniousDev’s resources, you can focus on key growth drivers while still being on control of the whole project.

Avoid project & team management issues

GeniousDev is responsible for the Technical lead and team management from start to end.


Fixed-price Model

A Fixed Price model (also known as Fixed Budget model) takes place when the client and the development company agree on a fixed cost for the entire project. That means that by using this model, you’ll pay only that predefined sum regardless of the amount of time or resources the company needs to complete the project. It’s mostly used for short-term projects, especially if they are small- or medium-size or have limited scope.


It implies:

The outsourcing comany manages the project and the team but offers multiple feedback options for the client.

The outsourcing company is responsible for gathering the right professionals in a dedicated team to meet the client”s needs and requirements. Client and team coordinate the project”s workflow, including development schedules and delivweables.


More affordable option than hiring an in-house team. Team dedicated exclusively to the project at hand. Continous development and delivery for improved flexibility and scalability. Faster workflow when compared to more stricty planned models.


Efficient only for long-term projects. Less control over the development

We create impactful solutions that drive meaningful change with a strategic vision.

More Services

There are different ways of unleashing the power of the Top 1% of Tech Talent to work for you.

IT Staff Augmentation

BairesDev’s IT Staffing services services provide the speed, professional acumen, and flexibility your team needs to scale quickly and deliver your products on time and always with the best quality.Our unique set of staffing algorithms, tests, and interviews allows us to hire only the best 1% of engineers, so they can work fully integrated into your team, according to your processes and managed by your leaders.

Software Outsourcing

From smart customization of pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom software development, BairesDev is an experienced partner that delivers reliable custom software solutions.You provide the specifications of the software you need; we provide the solution. With BairesDev’s software outsourcing services, the development and execution of your software projects are in the right hands.

Ready to build your software?

Our IT Staff Augmentation services is a proven, quick, reliable, and cost-effective way for you to increase the size and productivity of your development team with the experienced Top 1% of Tech Talent.