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To speed up the hiring process, tech companies usually partner up with an IT recruitment agency located in an offshoring country. The IT staffing agency will cover most of the research and selection work to offer you the best IT talents within the shortest deadlines. They will also help you navigate through the local labor market to stay competitive. This includes preparing insightful market researches, sharing salary data, reporting on the availability of the required IT specialists, and advising on employer branding benefits. Thus, you’ll save much time and interview only eligible candidates who match your company perfectly.

Emerging countries with promising technology ecosystems can offer brilliant IT specialists with rare engineering skills. These are Eastern European countries like Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Ukraine, for example, has a pool of engineers well-versed in Data Science, AI, BI, Scala, Erlang, Go, and other technologies.

Software engineers in Eastern Europe earn approx. $35,000 – 45 000 annually. Software Engineers make $34,000, DevOps – $35,200, Data Scientists – $25,400, Machine Learning Engineers – $42,800, QA engineers – $28,000, Product Owners – $36,000, Product Managers – $32,400, Business Analysts – $25,600, Product Designers – $29,600. These are average calculations based on available open resources. If you’d like to learn more, contact us!

Eastern European Sr. Engineers usually have 3-6 years of work experience, Mid-Level Engineers – 2-3 years, and Junior Developers – 1-2 years. As you can see, the IT industry in Eastern Europe is quite young, but this doesn’t affect the quality and skills of local developers. Employers in the EE region traditionally pay more attention to relevant experience in the field, competencies, approaches to work, and applied practices, rather than years of experience.